Who we are

Independent, impactful, diverse, experienced, transparent

We’re a community of experts from industry and academics. Our partners have a wide array of skills and backgrounds, enabling us to assess the built environment with a holistic view and set of methods.

Board of Directors

Christian Marx

ChillServices GmbH



York Ostermeyer

Chalmers University of Technology


Zeno Winkels

EIT Climate-KIC & TUDelft



Our partners currently cover expertise from twelve European countries.

Clara Camarasa

Chalmers University of Technology

Analyst BMB Initiative

Martin Jacob

TEP Energy

Senior Energy Analyst

Nina Taylor

E-zavod, Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions

Local partner

Henk Visscher

Delft University of Technology

Local Partner

Maria-Anna Segreto


Local Partner

Jelle Laverge

Ghent University

Local partner

Anna Komerska

National Energy Conservation Agency (NAPE)

Local Partner

Giovanni Margareci

ENEA external expert

Local Partner

Saurabh Saraf

Chalmers University of Technology

Business Developer

Andrea Palacios

CUES Foundation

Project manager

Justus von Geibler

Wuppertal Institut

Local Partner

Ian Hamilton

UCL Energy Institute

UK Market Lead

Rana Mahmoud

Ghent University

Local partner

Miriam Navarro Escudero

Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación

Local Partner

Claudio Nägeli

Chalmers University of Technology


Andrzej Wiszniewski

NAPE S.A. (National Energy Conservation Agency)

Local Partner

Lucía Ramírez Pareja

Instituto Valenciano de la Edificación

Local Partner

Arjen Meijer

Delft University of Technology

Local Partner

Elise Vonk

EIT Climate-KIC


Alessandra Gugliandolo


Local Partner

Giacomo Catenazzi

TEP Energy


Funding and sponsors

Not for profit but for impact

CUES is financed via research funding under the Horizon2020 framework of the European Commission. We are a partner in the Knowledge and Innovation Community of Climate (EIT Climate-KIC), that supports CUES on a project basis. CUES also works with industry stakeholders that sponsor our initiatives. Sponsors have no influence on the work of CUES but get access to for example more granular data and are invited to our exclusive annual partner summit. Sponsors in return document and report on low carbon activities that they launch based on our data.


Foundation’s name

CUES Analytics
Address: Van der Burghweg 1, 2628 CS, Delft, The Netherlands
E-mail info@cuesanalytics.eu




The purpose of the foundation is:

  1. Acquiring and sharing knowledge about sustainability in the building sector on a non-profit basis
  2. Supporting and generating insights for businesses and policy makers on low carbon technologies in the building sector, and everything related to it

Payment policy

The board members are giving their time and knowledge for free. When board members and the director are working abroad a reasonable accommodation and local transport fee is refunded.

Policy plan

The Foundation features a unique platform which is a confluence of expertise and knowledge (per country) via a Pan-European research approach based on state-of-the-art scientific standards. The ambition is to become the partner of choice for quality and independent data and to deliver the best cross-country comparable insights on e.g. data related to low-carbon innovation in the building sector.

The data are ‘translated’ by CUES Foundation and published in a series of Building Market Brief Reports:

  • In 2017 the pilot of Building Market Brief Switzerland was published
  • In 2018 UK, the Netherlands, Germany and France were published
  • In 2019 Poland is launched. Spain and Italy will follow in Q2; two other countries, a BMB at city level and a non-residential BMB will be prepared in this year
  • Other products and services to support our purpose will be developed in the upcoming years