We provide the data basis for change

Access to sophisticated data on low-carbon opportunities in the building sector.

CUES Foundation is a virtual HUB for building sector expertise. We pioneer in independent, in-depth, pan-European market research for the transformation of this sector towards a low-carbon economy.

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Scaling low carbon solutions

Comparable insights across countries

We want to empower innovation suppliers in the built environment to identify opportunities for low-carbon innovation in markets they’re already engaged in as well as provide them with insights for the most promising markets to grow their business. We also share information and data with the other stakeholders to support them in making the right decisions towards the energy transition.

Methodology of the Building Market Briefs

cross-country comparison

The content of the Building Market Brief Reports is developed by using scientifically valid methods. It is methodologically aligned across markets, thus enabling cross-country comparison. The first chapter is based on an extensive literature study. The sources cover a wide including European statistical data, the respective countries own statistical office, national and international public reports, scientific publications and market information such as prices and sales volumes. The results from the second chapter come from an online survey. The survey covered stakeholders along the complete value chain of the sector. A stratified sample of a total of 21 groups were approached, providing a differentiated view of the market. The study is centered around concrete past projects of the respondents. Its results are used to quantify findings when a statistically relevant response rate is available. The results from the final chapter are derived from modeling methods based on empirical data from each country.
All data sources are clearly marked to allow the reader accessing more detailed information as needed. The complete list of sources can be found in the annex of the report. Further information about methodology and sources used can be found in the technical report in the download section.


Why we do it

We believe transparency and data availability to be a key driver for speeding up the energy transition needed to tackle climate change. We especially see comparability of data between countries as a catalyst to enable exchange of knowledge and scaling of best practices.


How we do it

Our mission is to facilitate an energy efficient and sustainable European building stock by developing detailed data resources on the building sector and actors, by engaging across the market to develop insights around opportunities and barriers, and by using this understanding to provide support to businesses and policy makers for creating action.

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